Student testimonials

Valeria Rojas Herrera, Costa Rica (exchange student 2022/23)

Before moving to Germany, I was scared to death to be honest, but one very small part of me knew that even though it felt like the craziest thing I ́d ever do, I still had to come. Why? Well, because I had goals and aspirations. Dreams I wanted to accomplish. But before coming here, they had been just that. Dreams. I now feel confident enough to pursue my dreams. Capable of getting out of my comfort zone, stretching and challenging myself because I know the freedom and profound joy that comes out of that. Because I now know that dreams do come true, if you are crazy enough to go after them and ask for the sort of help that’s out there waiting for you to be bold enough to decide and take it.
Has it been worth it? Totally. Why again? For starters, classes at DHBW Karlsruhe are full of quality content and topics, groups are small enough that you get to meet your classmates in a more personal way, and the class environment overall is just vey enriching and doable. The courses offered are also a great way to meet new people and make life here a lot more fun. Why else? Well, truth be told, I wasn ́t thrilled about coming to Karlsruhe, but now, after a few months living here, I don ́t want to leave at all. I ́ve completely fallen in love with this city. With its people and lively, deep, and sometimes even romantic music filling the streets. In love with the chilly nights and colourful sunrises. In awe of the simple little specs of nature around the city, how comfortable it is to take a train and go anywhere in really no time, or how beautiful the place looks when you stop and look around and see bikes and families and laughter all over the place. The smell of coffee, perfect German bread and a good Donner or Yuffka as well. I am in love with this place, and I am so thankful that I didn ́t get to choose where to come to.
Through all this amazing experience, I can only say that the person I was isn’t the person I am, nor is it the person that I hope to become. And that is why I would encourage anyone who is thinking of doing and exchange semester or applying for the scholarship to do it. No matter how scary it all may seem, no matter how long and tedious the process is. Do it. Chances like this don ́t come twice in life, and you gain so much more than what you lose by doing it. We are all presented with different and yet very similar opportunities, and what we do with them and the attitude we take is what makes all the difference. For me, this all began because I wanted to meet different cultures, visit new places, and just be able to write a very unexpected but surely incredible new chapter to my life. And that, and more, is exactly what I got here. 

Zurab Shatirishvili, Georgia (exchange student 2022)

I am really glad that I had a chance to get to know you this year. I will not forget that you have given me this amazing opportunity. After studying at DH, I went to Ankara, as an Erasmus volunteer, started an internship at an American international company, became hiwi at my home university's Career Development Office and I will spend the next semester in Warsaw with Erasmus international credit mobility program. With the help of studying at DH, I become far more competitive in the international job market and apart from all the mentioned, I gained unforgettable experiences and friendships which bettered my understanding of life. With its ups and downs, I can honestly say that it was one of the best periods of my life! And all this is because you gave me the possibility!

Ananya Dubey, India (exchange student 2022)

My home university offered me options for different countries to spend my exchange year abroad from which I chose Germany and within Germany I chose DHBW Karlsruhe and I don’t think I would have ever made a better choice. Karlsruhe and the DHBW altogether gave me experiences and moreover a chance to meet some of the most amazing people disguised as teachers, mentors and friends.I also had the privilege to travel to around 8 other nations enhancing my perspective. Before my exchange I did have an idea and expectations regarding how it should be but after the completion of the most beautiful and incredible experience I can say it exceeded all my expectations. DHBW’s culture made me more confident, practical, gave me an opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the world and learn to a great extent not only in professional but also in moral terms as well as making me more inquisitive to get to know more about other cultures. It also made me fall in love with life in Germany and now it just feels like my second home. The changes that happened because of my exchange are permanently embedded in me. In addition to that, the relations I made here are for life that I will cherish forever. If I look back I wouldn't want to change anything in these 4 and a half months, extremely grateful for it all.

Shu-Yuan Huang, Taiwan (exchange student 2019/20)

Learn about Joseph’s experiences as an exchange student at DHBW Karlsruhe in fall term 2019/20. 


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