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Statement of exchange students

Learn about Joseph’s experiences as an exchange student at DHBW Karlsruhe in fall term 2019/20. In the list below, you find his videos about the dormitory, finding an internship, traveling in Europe on a budget and other topics of high interest for every future exchange student.

Yutian Lei

I started my adventure in Germany from 11st September, 2014 when I first stepped on this different land with the desire to experience a totally different culture and DHBW has given me a perfect opportunity because of its multicultural learning atmosphere. It offers lectures held by guest lecturers from different countries which can give us different perspectives. Besides, its dual system is what attracts me most, as for me, it’s a smart system to put our theories learned into practice, to give students opportunities to experience working life and real society. During my first practical semester, I was very lucky and grateful that I was given the chance to work in the International Office as a student assistant. With this kind offer, I was able to work with my fantastic colleges and to help with some exchange programs with my home country, China and to improve my German language as I am so desired to learn this language although it’s really hard. Speaking of my life here in Germany, it’s just amazing. With the kindness and help from our DHBW buddies and other students, I had a really good time here. Travelling around makes me find this country and the whole Europe so charming. Time flies and I hardly realize that my 9-month stay here is going to an end so soon, I appreciate everything this university has done for me and I really enjoyed a lot. Thanks again for everything, DHBW.

Sara Palhares, Portugal

My name is Sara, I am from Portugal and I study Industrial and Management Engineering in Porto. I decided to study abroad in the last year of my master degree. I was searching about universities and, finally, I found DHBW-Karlsruhe, a university with double-system, where students can develop a practical component in a company. In DHBW-Karlsruhe I could improve my soft-skills and get knowledge about business and management, so I decided to face the challenge. I spent one semester in DHBW-Karlsruhe and it was a great experience! I met a lot of people of other countries and we shared a lot of good moments! I had the opportunity to attend classes with invited lectures, from America, Poland, Hungary and other countries. They shared with us all knowledge and experience of their professional life. At the same time, during all the semester, the ladies of International Office were really friendly and helped me a lot with all the doubts that I had. I really enjoyed my journey in Karlsruhe and in DHBW so I recommend this university for all the students that have the opportunity to study abroad. Germany is a really good country and Karlsruhe is a nice city to live.

Fady Derias, Egypt

Last year, It was my first time to experience being an international student during my 6 month of residence in Germany for achieving my bachelor project and thesis at DHBW Karlsruhe.

It was a life changing experience on both academic and personal scales. Working on such a huge project in a foreign country was a major challenge, since I had to cope with the new system of dealing with all the project's research and technical aspects in a different manner and perspective. Dealing with the German market and its vast varieties had quite an exacting development over my skills. Working and studying in such a new environment did elevate my level of skills on different scales. I was impressed by all kinds of facilitations I was offered by the DHBW to gurantee me a comforting and reliable atmosphere for doing the job, starting from all kinds of access to labs and staying late on campus to the massive amount of advanced equipment of marvelous accuracy and precision.

On the personal scale, it was my first time to stay away for such a long period away from my family and home land. Being away for 6 months did take my level of life experience, social skills and personal responsibility to a whole new level. Interacting with the other international students and German students inside and outside campus did expose me to different mind sets and characters. Dealing with everything in Germany as a temporary citizen was quite challenging and brand new, but I was glad that I successfully managed everything in the right way (transportation system, food, clothing, leisure time .. etc). Thank to the DHBW international office's support and guidance. Staying away from my parents did enhance my level of self awareness and meeting my own needs without any exterior help.

Thank you so much for a great experience.

Alevril Lee, China

DHBW transfers the traditional system of dual vocational training to the level of university education. It combines theoretical training with practical business skills, pursuing constant innovation and improvement in its business education, which will help me enhance employment opportunities and the value of my degree. Additionally, it also addresses International issues that will prepare students for the challenges of working in a global economy. For example, I took courses like “Global Business Behaviour” and “Intercultural Management”. Both of them helped me expand my worldview and get to know different cultures better through vivid presentations and cooperation with German colleagues. What’s also worth noting here is the German course. Michael is a really good teacher. One example is that he took us to the farmer's market and we cook together to practice those German words we've learnt into practice! Then we know..ahh what's schneiden(cut), what's kochen(boil); these are Kartoffeln (potato) and Eier(egg) those are Pute (turkey) and Gurke (cucumber) etc. Mrs. Dagma is also a very nice teacher who invited us to spend Christmas with her. Now, when I want to say "Sorry, thank you, bye, and what, I just can't help but blurt out "Entschuldigung,danke, tschüs, and was". Language immersion really matters.

The exchange program, as I perceive it, is the next stop on my journey for self-enlightenment which has awaken my mind, ignited my senses, and altered my perception of the world. It beckons to me with the promise of tremendous opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. It's so awesome being a exchange student here in Germany and get to meet students from different countries which gives me experiences a classroom setting will never provide. I really appreciate it and I’ve learned a lot during my stay. I have learned how to adjust myself to a foreign environment, attending another school, and living in a new culture. And my cooking skills are greatly improved. German people’s preciseness and kindness impressed me. I made some very good friends here. This is surely one of the most unforgettable experience ever!

Alevril Lee, China
BW-scholarship Exchange Student at DHBW Karlsruhe in 2012-2013

Dan Osiac, Romania

Spending 10 months as an exchange student in the DHBW was something really great. I would say that the University had a friendly atmosphere from the first day that I've arrived and of course for the whole time sent over there. I would mention that both teaching and students collective was friendlier than I've expected and I spent a quality time during classes and project working. As well, I am glad that I had the chance to work and interact with students and professors from various countries and come closer with different cultures and mentalities. However, these facts come hand-in-hand with the experience of living in Germany which brought me closer to the western culture and impacted me as a person for the future.

The whole Erasmus experience was very pleasant and I highly encourage students to do it within DHBW Karlsruhe.

Dan Osiac, Romania
ERASMUS Exchange Student at DHBW Karlsruhe in 2012-2013

Justyna Dobroszek, Poland

I received a scholarship of BW foundation in 2012 to stay at the college of DHBW Karlsruhe. For me it was the best news. Staying at the college lasted three months and was extended by one month extra.
I think it was for me the most productive and pleasantly spent time during study abroad. Staying was associated with many benefits, including establishing new contacts with students and teachers, an opportunity to compare the methods of teaching in DHBW Karlsruhe and at my university, access to German literature, which I needed to write the thesis, as well as improvement German and English and the possibility to serve an apprenticeship in logistics enterprise in Karlsruhe.
I wanted to thank the staff of the international office and my mentor Prof. dr. Darius Schindler, who welcomed me very friendly and I could always ask them if there were some problems.

I hope that the cooperation between DHBW Karlsruhe and the University of Lodz will be continued and I will have an opportunity to once again visit DHBW Karlsruhe and Karlsruhe, which is associated with pleasant memories.

Monica Toma, Romania

I joined DHBW Karlsruhe during the academic year 2011-2012 as an ERASMUS Exchange student and it was the best decision of my life so far!

I chose Karlsruhe for my ERASMUS year because of its "Student City" recognition and DHBW Karlsruhe for its interesting range of subjects.

The University offered me great support on everything I needed: from finding accommodations, selecting the best courses and any information I needed about documentation. I was very pleased with the lectures as well: they were very well organized, professors were very helpful, positive and fabulous communicators !

During my year abroad, I gained interpersonal skills, I learnt how to efficiently manage my budget, I improved my English, as well as my German - and most important of all I developed my passion for other cultures by taking advantage of the exposure to Karlsruhe's international diversity.

This experience also provided me with a great edge in starting my Career; After finishing two Internships, I am currently working for an International company, and I haven't met a recruiter thus far who didn't appreciate my ERASMUS Experience.

Recently I've been accepted for an MBA Program and I am 100 % my experience at DHBW was a plus at the Admission !

Pawel Wysmyk, Poland

I was an exchange student at DHBW Karlsruhe in 2011. These 3 months concluded my 1,5 year long period I was studying and living abroad in European countries. It gave me a great experience, cross cultural competency and taught language communication skills. I have also learnt how to adapt into new environment and change. Since 2012 I am working in one of Fortune 500 companies, an international leader in construction and development - Skanska. I started there as an Intern in Marketing & Communications and since beginning of 2014 I hold a position of Marketing Specialist, being responsible for several office projects across Poland.

Robert Michalak, Poland

I have been in Karlsruhe two times: First, as an ERASMUS Exchange student in academic year 2011/12 and then in winter semester of academic year 2013/14 as a holder of BW Scholarship. My second time at DHBW was an outcome of my first visit.

I chose Karlsruhe and DHBW because I always wanted to spend longer time in Germany and learn culture of this country. What was also important, the University offered courses in English language so I could improve two foreign languages at the same time.

Studying at DHBW gave me a great experience and opportunity to meet fantastic people from different parts of the world and today I can say that few of them are my real friends. Currently, I am a postgraduate student and also I am working as an intern at Financial Controlling Department for one of a global company and I know that my international experience is a really big plus for my employer.

Robert Michalak, Poland
ERASMUS Exchange Student at DHBW Karlsruhe in 2011/12 and BW-scholarship Exchange Student in 2013/14