Life in Karlsruhe

Welcome to one of the sunniest towns in Germany: KARLSRUHE

Karlsruhe will make the hearts of all culture lovers beat faster: over 50 museums, theatres and galleries in Karlsruhe are waiting to be visited. As one of the warmest and sunniest towns in Germany, the Mediterranean flair entices locals and guests alike to enjoy mild summer evenings in the restaurants of the lively squares around the city centre.

Come and enjoy numerous open air events and leisure opportunities for yourself and take the chance to travel around to the beautiful Black Forest and even Paris, which is only 2,5 hours away from Karlsruhe.


The City

In Karlsruhe in 1957 Professor Karl Steinbuch coined the term “Infor­ma­tik” – IT in short – which has since become a brand label for the entire region. Today, around 11,500 social insurance-contri­bu­ting employees in Karlsruhe work in this sector. The region has become one of the leading IT locations in Europe and is part of the leading federal IT cluster. The growing market for services in this sector offers businesses good perspectives for future growth.

Besides the IT sector, Karls­ru­he’s economy benefits from its proximity to research through an intensive transfer of knowledge and technologies, as well as a trained and skilled workforce. Close colla­bo­ra­tion with local universities gives rise to projects and coope­ra­tion which bring benefits to all involved. They’re also an important prere­qui­site for inter­na­tio­nal compe­ti­tiven­ess. That’s why inter­chan­ges between research, education and the business world are especially supported.

All in all Karlsruhe offers solid oppor­tu­ni­ties for skilled workers and executives. The city and the Techno­lo­gie­Re­gion (tech­no­logy region) are characterized by a high density of businesses in the science and technology intensive sectors. Solid growth, attractive jobs with high wage and salary levels and excellent career oppor­tu­ni­ties offer skilled workers the oppor­tu­nity to come aboard. Additio­nally, Karlsruhe is a good place not only to work but also to live.


Public transportation

The best way to travel in Karlsruhe is by public transport. Using the tram is probably the most convenient way of traveling, because you can almost reach every destination in a short time. For students, the KVV offers a special deal the so-called “Studikarte” which includes every type of public transportation in and around Karlsruhe. You can purchase the card at every KVV customer center and at the DB train station. The price is 162,80 € for 6 months. A valid enrollment certificate is required. If you just moved to Karlsruhe, you get a voucher for a Studikarte.

KVV selling points:

  • KVV Customer Center Ettlingen – Wilhelmstraße 2, Ettlingen
  • KVV Customer Center Hauptbahnhof (Main Station), Bahnhofplatz 1, Karlsruhe
  • KVV Customer Center Tullastraße – Tullastraße 71, Karlsruhe

Different apps like the KVV.mobil, DB Navigator or Google Maps give excellent information on finding the right type of public transportation and help you to reach your desired destination.