Prof. Kay Berkling, PhD

Professorin Fakultät Technik

Erzbergerstraße 121, Raum E511


Kay Berkling obtained her PhD at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology (today OHSU) in 1996 in the area of Automatic Language Identification of Telephone Speech in Computer Science. Since then she has published in Language and Automatic Dialect Identification. Her expertise lies in joining linguistic knowledge with statistical information and combining know-how across disciplines.

After working for Lincoln Laboratory, MIT she joined Ubilab, the innovation lab of UBS. The following five years she collaborated on a number of international projects in the financial industries and gained extensive experience on projects and managing the interface between IT and Business. In 2004 she was named Full Professor at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in the area of Software Engineering. She has a number of publications in project estimation and teaching methods.

In 2008 she immigrated to Germany where she added a degree in teaching to her repertoire in order to extend the research into German language and didactics. Her most recent publications are in automatic diagnostics of spelling errors for learners of German handwriting leveraging speech technology.

Current projects relate to applying these diverse technologies to computer-based learning for children in the context of gamification, thereby integrating research projects with teaching of Software Engineering Projects. Kay Berkling mostly teaches Software Engineering and Algorithms at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg. In her free time, she teaches student teachers how to integrate technology in the language learning classroom.


- Automatisierte Rechtschreibdiagnose
- "Phonics" in der deutschen Sprache? Fibeltexte in der Analyse
- Gaming und Gamification

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Areas of Interest and Teaching

  • Speech Recognition and Synthesis Applied to Child-Computer Interfaces
  • Gamification
  • Project Management Tools for Software Engineers
  • Algorithms
  • Language Learning with Modern Media in the Context of Research Projects

Current Research Projects

Topic: Cross-disciplinary Software Projects for Education and Computer-Supported Individualized Language Learning in the Context of Gamification

The following projects are at various stages of maturity from planning to publication and listed in that order:

  • DFG-funded automatic diagnosis of spelling errors using speech technology, a joint project with PH, Karlsruhe (University of Education) and KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. (We know that many children in upper grades still have difficulty with German spelling. If your child wants to learn with us, please send us email – – see publications
  • Integrating Research and Teaching: Implementation of Research Projects in the Software Engineering classroom – see project above
  • Working with Explode The Code Online and German children in 3rd and 4th grade who are learning English from home.  A joint project with DHBW, PH Karlsruhe (University of Education) and ETC School Specialty. (If your child wants to learn with us, please send us email at – ongoing
  • Integrating Research and Teaching: Theoretical foundations of gamification, didactics and business applications in the DHBW classroom

International Research Tasks

Committee Work and Reviews

  • Elected Member of ISCA board ( starting August 2015
  • Organizer and Co-Chair of L1TLT L1 Learning, Teaching and Technology Workshop 2015
  • Member of Technical Committee on Speech and Language IEEE 2013-2015, Senior Member of IEEE
  • President Special Interest Group SIG-CHILD (ISCA)
  • Member of ISCA Electronic Access Committee
  • Committee IEEE Odyssey on Speaker Identification and Language Identification
  • Co-Chair of WOCCI Workshop on Child Computer Interaction: 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014
  • Co-Chair SEAFOOD – Software Engineering Approaches For Offshore and Outsourced Development 2008
  • Member of Technical Committee on Speech and Language IEEE 2005-2009, Senior Member of IEEE
  • President Special Interest Group SIG-CHILD (ISCA)
  • Local Chair Odyssey 2006
  • Local Chair ASRU 2005
  • Reviewer Interspeech, ICASSP, ASRU
  • Reviewer IEEE Transactions Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Elsevier Speech Communication

Guest Editor

  • Special Edition ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing. Children’s Speech for Child-Machine Interaction Applications. Volume 7, Issue 4, August 2011.
  • Springer, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, Vol. 16. Second International Conference, SEAFOOD 2008, Zurich, Switzerland, July 2-3, 2008.
  • IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, Special Section on Speaker and Language Recognition, Volume 15, Issue 7, September 2007.

List of Publications

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