Leaving Germany

Deregister at the Bürgerbüro Karlsruhe (Kaiserallee 8) one week prior to your depature. 

When moving out the student dormitory you have to pay attention to the following points: 


  1. Refund the room deposit  
    When you move out of the student dormitory, the security deposit will be refunded by the Studierendenwerk. You will be given a statement from the janitor, provided that your room has been left in an orderly manner. The money will be transferred to your account 3 months after the end of the rental contract.  
  2. Cancelling your rental contract
    If you want to move out earlier as planned, you have to notify Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe at least 2 months in advance. You have to come to our office with your rental contract so we can put a note with our signature and stamp on there. Then you have to take the rental contract to Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe and show it to them.
    You have to contact the Hausmeister (janitor) at least 2 weeks before you move out, so you can make an appointment to give back the key.  

It is only possible to cancel your health insurance at the end of the semester. Therefore please contact your insurance agent.  

Before leaving Karlsruhe, you should inform your bank of your departure and ask them how to proceed. In exceptional cases (e.g. if you are waiting for money to be transferred to your account) the account can be closed online. For more information, please ask your bank.