Work permit

EU citizens do not need a work permit in order to be employed in Germany. However, there are temporary regulations for the new EU countries.  
Students from all other countries must have the following additional annex in their passport: “Beschäftigung bis zu 120 Tagen oder 240 halben Tagen im Jahr sowie Ausübung studentischer Nebentätigkeiten und studienintegrierte Praktika nach § 2 BeschV erlaubt”. If you have this in your passport, you are allowed to work 120 days or 240 half days per year.

Please make sure that it is explicitly approved in your passport while applying for the residence permit. 

How to find a job

Looking for a part-time job or internship in Germany? We understand the challenges of finding suitable employment as an international student. Here are some top job portals and resources tailored to your needs.


1. Indeed Germany

Explore Indeed Germany, a popular job search engine that lists a variety of job openings, some of which are suitable for international students seeking part-time work or internships.

2. StepStone

Discover numerous job listings on StepStone, one of Germany's leading job portals. Keep an eye out for positions suitable for international students and those looking for part-time opportunities.

3. Monster

Check out Monster for a variety of job opportunities, including part-time roles and internships that might be suitable for international students. It's a great platform to find job openings tailored to your needs.

4. LinkedIn

Utilize LinkedIn for networking and job searching. Many companies post their job vacancies, including internships and part-time positions, on LinkedIn, providing you with a broad range of opportunities.

5. EURES - The European Job Mobility Portal

Explore EURES, a portal providing job opportunities across the European Union, including Germany. Keep an eye out for listings that cater to international students and their job search requirements.

In addition to online job portals you can keep an eye on local newspapers and job fairs for additional listings and networking opportunities.

How to find an internship

Would you like to do an internship in Germany? Take a look at our internship guide! Here you will find valuable information on how to proceed best.