Prof. Dr. Esther Rösch

Professorin Fakultät Technik

Erzbergerstraße 119, Raum G185.6


  • Thielemann, Dominique T.; Wagner, Anna T.; Lan, Yanhua; Oña-Burgos, Pascual; Fernández, Ignacio; Rösch, Esther S.; Kölmel, Dominik K.; Powell, Annie K.; Bräse, Stefan; Roesky, Peter W. (2015): Peptoid-ligated pentadecanuclear yttrium and dysprosium hydroxy clusters. In: Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 21 (7), S. 2813-2820. DOI: 10.1002/chem.201405569


    Abstract: A new family of pentadecanuclear coordination cluster compounds (from now on simply referred to as clusters) [{Ln15 (OH)20 (PepCO2 )10 (DBM)10 Cl}Cl4 ] (PepCO2 =2-[{3-(((tert-butoxycarbonyl)amino)methyl)benzyl}amino]acetate, DBM=dibenzoylmethanide) with Ln=Y and Dy was obtained by using the cell-penetrating peptoid (CPPo) monomer PepCO2 H and dibenzoylmethane (DBMH) as supporting ligands. The combination of an inorganic cluster core with an organic cell-penetrating peptoid in the coordination sphere resulted in a core component {Ln15 (μ3 -OH)20 Cl}(24+) (Ln=Y, Dy), which consists of five vertex-sharing heterocubane {Ln4 (μ3 -OH)4 }(8+) units that assemble to give a pentagonal cyclic structure with one Cl atom located in the middle of the pentagon. The solid-state structures of both clusters were established by single-crystal X-ray crystallography. MS (ESI) experiments suggest that the cluster core is robust and maintained in solution. Pulsed gradient spin echo (PGSE) NMR diffusion measurements were carried out on the diamagnetic yttrium compound and confirmed the stability of the cluster in its dicationic form [{Y15 (μ3 -OH)20 (PepCO2 )10 (DBM)10 Cl}Cl2 ](2+) . The investigation of both static (dc) and dynamic (ac) magnetic properties in the dysprosium cluster revealed a slow relaxation of magnetization, indicative of single-molecule magnet (SMM) behavior below 8K. Furthermore, the χT product as a function of temperature for the dysprosium cluster gave evidence that this is a ferromagnetically coupled compound below 11K.

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